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How to develop online poker skills

Surprisingly many poker players just sit at a random table, buy-in, take a look at their cards, and watch their opponents a little bit. Such poker players may be good poker players, but in online poker, they only have few chances of winning money.
If you want to win money in online poker, you should stick to these three points:

Read a lot
If you want to be better at online poker you should do a lot of reading about online poker – don’t just read about poker, read about online poker. Read all the books you can find, and read all the articles you come across. Go for the reading stuff that you find challenging and interesting.

Money Management
If you want to be a winning online poker player you must not underestimate money management. Basically, what this is all about is organisation. Thus, you need to focus on what you win and how you actually win. This means that you should concentrate on the following: at what poker room do you make your profits, and at what tables? What type of players do you win your money against? It’s also important to notice why you actually lost money. So don’t just focus on your winnings – you can also learn from your losses.

Experience is important
Make sure you understand that online poker is different than live poker. To put it simply: Online poker is faster than offline poker! You’ll notice that you can play on more tables and that money transfers go faster. Moreover, you’ll need to adapt to the lights, sounds and images. The only way to adapt to this is by playing a lot of online poker!

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Last Updated 21 March 2013
How to develop online poker skills