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There’s no doubt that for most people, having fun means socialising, relaxing and having a laugh. Of course, that can often mean spending a fortune on hitting the town, going out for meals or a night on the town. But – not anymore, thanks to the rise of the one and only online bingo – the ultimate new way to socialise and have a ball from the comfort of your own home!

While the popularity of online bingo is rapidly rising, many people are still a little shy about giving it a go……after all – how much fun can this simple little game really be? The answer is probably much more fun than you imagine.Make friends and have a laugh

While bingo is meant to be a ‘prize game’, friendship has always been at the core of the game’s appeal. Internet bingo is no different, and it’s actually made the game even more friendly and social. Every good online bingo parlour has instant chat technology and web forums, meaning you’re practically guaranteed to make new friends…..and there’s never any reason to be all shy! The smoking ban in the UK has led to a rush of socialites signing-up online – swapping nights at the local for nights on the laptop with a relaxing drink and optional cigarette. 

Budget Bingo

While it’s true that online bingo isn’t 100% free – it is however very affordable. Typically, a bingo ticket will set you back a whopping 5 pence, with progressively bigger priced cards or multi-card gaming if you so desire. Most regular bingo gamers play with a weekly or daily budget, allowing them to game for hours and hours with no worry about spending a fortune. Compared to leisure options such as the cinema, clubbing, pubs and restaurants – online bingo takes them all to the cleaners!

Fun Gaming

With all the talk of gossiping and making bingo friends, it’s easy to forget about the game itself – which have been given fresh life by the power of online technology. Visiting one of the latest internet bingo parlours will shower you an array of bingo styles – including classic UK style 90 Ball Bingo and the extravagant delights of 75 Ball American gaming. What’s more, today’s bingo cards aren’t dull old bits of cardboard – no, they’re cutting-edge graphical interfaces with themed graphics and lovely colours that deliver an un-mistakable feel good factor.

Tasty Payouts & Jackpots

Bingo is a game of luck – but that doesn’t mean lady luck won’t pay you frequent visits when you win such as 1-line, 2-line and the lovely Full House! Payouts vary depending on the card value and specific bingo games, but can range from pennies to very significant wins. Look out for websites offering Progressive Jackpot Bingo games, if you desire the chance to play for really big money – they have jackpot pools over £2 million!

Free-play Bonus Bingo

It’s not just the lure of fun gaming, new friends and daily gossip that’s attracting people to Online Bingo – it’s also the opportunity to try it out for free, thanks to an array of online bingo bonuses currently doing the rounds. There’s often no need to make a deposit – meaning you can log-on, sign-up and in minutes be playing for real cash, using the parlours free bingo bank!




Last Updated 13 May 2017
Online Bingo