Your Turn Will Come

Poker is all about the green, and if you are playing in the right game there will be plenty of it fluttering around the table. In a full ring $1/2 cash game there will be a minimum of $1,800 on the table and more than likely a hell of a lot more than that.

The green will jump from space to space, like a gypsy on his travels. In poker nobody ever owns the green, they just look after it for a period of time and then hand it to someone else. Poker players just babysit money. When it is a players turn to win some of that green then good for them.

Let them enjoy their little moment of glory, safe in the knowledge that if you continue to play well, it won’t be long before you get your share. If you are playing Omaha poker online, or even a poker single table tournament, everyone will get their turn to win some money, so why not make things easier for yourself.

Instead of trying to win the green with a mediocre hand, out of position and against the best player on the table why not wait until you get the nuts, in position against a fish bigger than Moby Dick? In poker you need a plentiful supply of patience.

Store it and use it wisely. If you are in tune with the rhythm of the game you will know when it is your time.  Be patient, calm; understand the rhythm of the table and your turn will come.



Last Updated 16 November 2013
Poker - Your turn will Come