The Battle of Online Poker

Throughout the history of mankind, it has been proven countless times that tyranny was a direct consequence
of people willing to put up with certain things and ideas without fighting back.
As soon as there was some sort of resistance to it, oppression found it much harder to hold on to power.

I don’t want to trivialize some of history’s greatest moments by putting them into a poker-mould,
but it sometimes surprises me how many similarities there are between real life and online poker.

One thing is certain, much like in real life, people have to pay and struggle for every single thing that they get.
It just doesn’t come without a battle. Some people are in a much more advantageous position in life,
simply by virtue of the fact that they were born in a place where people have an easier time achieving things.
Others are burdened by an overwhelming setback, just because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Life is not fair and an equal opportunity world is nothing but a utopia.

In online poker however, nobody is provided any unfair head-starts.
It all comes down to skill, stamina and ability.
This doesn’t mean that you’ll get anything without having to fight for it,
it simply means that everyone will have to fight for things the same way you have to.

Much like it often happens in the real world,
there will be people in online poker who constantly test the limits of what other players can take from them in terms of aggressiveness and domination.
These guys are the poker bullies.
If you ever played a single hand in an online poker room you probably already know what I’m talking about.

If he senses that you’re willing to put up with his ways, he’ll assert domination at the table,
and he’ll make it impossible for your bankroll to stay in your possession for long.
You need to fight back, you need to overthrow the tyrant, if you want a fair chance.
Poker is a fight, a battle, no matter what others may tell you.
The whole structure of the game is based on conflict: it all starts with the battle for the blinds.
Once they know the limits of your tolerance, dominant and aggressive players will steal every single pot you tolerate them to.
The sooner you start fighting back, the sooner you cut back on tyranny and the more of a fighting chance you give yourself.

You have to know that winning poker is not about kicking some weak, dormant player’s can around,
it’s also about fighting those who aim to take your money away.
Sure these weak players will lose their money anyway, but tyrants are also after your money.
You can’t expect to be a winning player by letting everyone walk all over you.
Sure, it may happen when you’re a rookie and you don’t have a feel for the game yet.
There comes a time however, when you just need to take up arms and rise up against the oppressors.

Most of the time, in real life, you need to get down and dirty to get a job done.
You can’t cook a meal without building a fire, and you can’t cross a stream without getting your boots wet.

Don’t expect to become a winner in online poker without fighting back on all fronts all the time.



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Last Updated 23 July 2016
Battle of Online Poker