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Turn and River Play After Hitting the Flop Against Calling Stations

The great poker players always have a plan, and you should too. When you have hit the weaker part of the board, such as medium or bottom pair, you should always have a plan of attack for the turn, and possibly the river, before you make your flop decision. 

When you hit a difficult flop like this, it is important to have a good understanding of the players styles involved in the hand, especially with some of the best players in the world.

If you are multi-way, then it is often best to have a small stab at the pot and give up against any resistance.

One type of player to consider is the calling station. These types of players are not going to get shifted off any flop that they have connected with. This can be disastrous if you have hit bottom pair, and have decided to try to win the pot. 

Here is a great play you can make when faced with a calling station and a good player multi-way. 

If the good player is the initial raiser and bets, the calling station calls and it is you to act. 

A raise in this position will be a good play, and it is a decision you can make once the pre flop action has been completed. 

The good player will think you have shown strength by raising over two-players. Board texture is important though because, if the calling station folds, then you do need a plan to get rid of him or her on later streets. 

This is where semi bluffing hands and board texture play a key role in your forward decision-making.




Last Updated 19 June 2017
Turn and River Play after hitting the flop against calling stations