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How to Identify if a Casino is Genuine

When there are so many online casinos operating these days, how do you choose the right one? The onus lies on you, the player to take precautions before choosing a casino. Reading the review of one of the most popular brand can help identify the qualities of a good casino. The following is a quick guide to help you in locating the red flags right away and stay alert.

The license and registration details of the casino have to be displayed on the website. Every casino is required by the law of the state to get it registered with the governing body and also to display the certificate on its website. This is the way they provide to prospective players to identify themselves as legitimate. If such information is not found and the casino is not able to offer any reasonable explanation of the same, it is better to avoid such casinos. This is a red flag and has to be noted immediately. 

There is a two-phase registration system for every new player joining a casino. The players are required to provide their name, email, address, and phone number. In another step, more documents for verification are requested. All these are done in an encrypted platform providing utmost safety to the details of the players. But this is done only at the time of registration. A casino that demands such information repeatedly and that too in an unencrypted way, then there is reason to suspect.

The payout speed of the casino can help identify whether it is a scam or legit. Popular payment methods are used by legitimate casinos for both deposits and withdrawals. After you win any amount it is normally transferred within a week. If the casino takes unusually long for payouts then consider it a scam. A genuine casino never lets the players wait for long. Once the requirements are fulfilled as per policy, they will proceed to pay the winnings.

The customer support of a genuine casino will be very responsive and offer help round the clock. With online casinos, players may play any time of the day. For this reason, customer support also operates 24/7. An illegitimate casino will not have any proper support team and may close down your account without intimation.

The casino sites that are trustworthy are very popular and have great reviews to show their reputation. This is not the case with a scam casino. When you look for reviews of experts from the casino arena, they will not be available because they are not fit for a good review. 

Some casinos advertise unreasonable bonuses and promotional offers. This is also an indicator of a scam casino. The size of the casino also decides how much bonus it can offer. Offers that are not realistic can never be fulfilled and are only a way to attract the player’s deposit money. If you are hasty and not alert the chances of losing money are huge.



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